steaven misher



Steaven Misher has a unique ability to capture the essence of an individual, occasion, organization, event or experience in prose. His exceptional gift is inspiring to all who witness his melodious words
Dr. John H. Carter

Steaven Misher is a gifted poet that inspires people with his unique style and flair. He takes a variety of themes and crafts them into poetic gems that leaves his audiences deeply appreciative and thirsting for more. Steaven Misher's star continues to ascend and I am confident that his best is yet to come.
Sherman Lofton, Jr.

Thank you for sharing your talent. Before long, you will indeed be a household name as Steaven Misher "The Poet Extraordinaire", and people worldwide will know who you are and will be reciting your poems. Keep up the good work.
L. Carter, RN, BSN, MSN, NP-C

Steaven Misher's poems are authentic reflections of a time - this time when hope is the real foundation. There is this sense that humans care about each other and seek to lift up rather than tear down. I see triumph over adversity and forgiveness over hostility. Steaven's talent as a poet is reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance's portrayal of freedom and beauty. He identifies with the subjects of his poetry and he relates to their struggles as they seek to find worth in a world that is prone to forget rather than forgive.
Dr. Rufus Johnson

Delivered in one of the most passionate expressions of conviction, Steaven Misher's poetry keeps your attention with every word leaving your mind in anticipation of listening to every line. He has an uncommon ability to capture the full attention of his audiences...visually leaving them in deep thought of its content. No matter the occasion or setting, he will and always delivers!
Dr. William T. Simmons

Congratulations to my brother Steaven Misher. You have shown through your words that scholastic achievement develops a life of purpose. Social change is encouraged through service and action. Inspiration is determined when one makes an investment in himself. You embody these qualities and much, much more. Continue to speak what needs to be said. Your words are more than just rhythms and rhymes but a commitment to the sacrifices necessary to ensure a better future for all mankind. Thank you for being leader, a friend, and a beacon of hope to those you touch. '06! 
Mark S. Tillman

Mr. Misher is a poet providing rich, thought provoking words that will heal the heart of our broken nation.
Tangela Benjamin

An experience... This is what readers and hearers of poetic works by Steaven leave with, an experience. He writes from the heart and performs from the soul. He is a poet who takes pride in his work and guarantees to not just create a written piece, but has a way of taking the audience on a journey. I've been privileged to both read works by Steaven and hear him deliver his work in true artistic form, and I've never been disappointed. I invite everyone to take the journey and experience the soul of true written art. You, too, won't be disappointed. 
Dr. V. Bryant, Educational Leader

Steaven is a gifted poet who has the ability to take your thoughts, feelings, emotions, motives and turn them into a smooth flowing romantic prose. His work is remarkable. If you want your real feelings and expressions to be truly known, then you sit down with him and share some personal, spiritual and emotional insight into who you are and what you are trying to say. Then let him meditate on it and watch him meld words into some of the most beautiful prose you'll ever read! His work is one of a kind and you will be pleasantly surprised with his products.  
Lee Stuart